• Trencher Trencher
  • Post Hole digger Post Holes
  • Jack Hammer Jack Hammer
  • Under Road Borer Under Road Borer
  • Landscaping Landscaping


Trenches for plumbing, irrigation and security.


Trenches range in width from 130mm to 250mm and can be dough to an average depth of 900mm*. Trenches can be dug to a depth of 800mm (depending on soil conditions)


We dig holes in diameters of 300 and 600mm. Holes can be dug to a depth of 1.8 metres.

Jack Hammer

This powerful, machine mounted, hydraulic Jack Hammer can be used vertically as well as horizontally to a height of about 3 metres.


Excellent for small landscaping projects where space is limited. With a variety of attachments, The K9 is able to adapt and provide ready power where needed.


Our truck Mounted, hydraulic power packs are quick, versatile, agile, efficient and economical. Our powerful machine is able to manoeuvre, carry and excavate where other machines are too big, cumbersome and in-efficient leaving heavy footprints.


4 In 1 Bucket

Used for bucket work, moving heavy objects, leveling dirt, gravel and sand, back filling trenches.

Jack Hammer

Used for Breaking concrete, rocks, brickwork, chiseling tiles, cutting asphalt etc.

Post Hole Digger

Used for Digging post holes in soil, clay, sand, rock and shale.


Used for Digging trenches in soil, clay, sand, rock and shale.

Dingo K9 Mini Digger

A heavy duty machine built to handle the extreme demands of the contractor / owner operator, it boasts more ‘grunt’ and a larger safe working load enabling it to power heavier industrial attachments, while still maintaining the ability to go through a standard doorway.

Whether you require buckets or trenchers, levellers or forks, the K9 can be easily adapted.

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